NDNCscrub, an online scrubbing tool, was conceived and started operations in 2010 when TRAI introduced stringent rules against making unsolicited calls, thereby upholding the consumer's right to privacy.

A path-breaking innovation, relieved many facilities from their data scrubbing woes. Years of automation have made this tool the most preferred scrubbing tool - zero leads loss as well as zero-defect tool.

As per TRAI, Telemarketers and Data Agencies will have to ensure that their database is scrubbed against the NCCP TRAI's database to filter out the DND numbers. This being a huge task is likely to take ample amount of your business hours. Needless to say, you will require additional resource to manage and monitor the scrubbing process. Moreover, every 3 days, a new list is added to the DND database which tends a 4-day old scrubbing, invalid. NDNCscrub automates the process of syncing your database with that of NDNC database and eases your scrubbing load. We keep our database up-to-date with that of NDNC Database. You can simply upload your data to your dashboard and NDNCscrub will do the scrubbing for you.